Nature’s Path

I was heavily involved in the production, photo-manipulation and management on the refresh of the EnviroKidz brand of cereals, oatmeals, bars and related items.

As part of the launch of this refresh, at the Nature’s Path Sales Conference, I was tasked to create an inspirational video made from a variety of donated source materials to help show in tangable ways how the “1% For The Planet” initiative had helped to protect endangered species around the globe and educate children about the importance of protecting these animals.

The image above is a 3D representation of a "shipper" I worked on during my time at Nature’s Path. I recreated faithfully in Blender to be shown here in 3D. Note how you can spin the model around and see how the cardboard would be folded to assemble the shipper.

These "Koala Fun Fact" videos show a Koala Face Rig I created in After Effects that allowed me to easily give the Koala expressions. The face itself was created by an illustrator ages ago for the EnviroKidz cereal boxes and had no alternate expressions, let alone animated ones.

Using After Effects in this way brought an existing static image to life as a character with personality, emotion and warmth.